13 Best Sites Like 123Movies to Watch Movies 2019

If you are an entertainment buff who loves watching movies and TV shows online then you must have heard of 123movies website or at least tried to search for 123movies unblocked methods. It’s one of the best streaming websites on the internet, or it rather was.

The news came earlier this year that 123movies website is shutting down. Users were left bummed by this unexpected news. Since then, movie watchers have been scouring the internet to find the next best thing. Fortunately for you, however, there are a bunch of sites like 123movies that work as alternatives.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best 123Movies alternatives for your entertainment needs.

13 Best Sites Like 123Movies to Watch Movies 2019

Below are the best picked 13 alternate sites to 132Movies


The first on our list of 123movies alternatives is PopCornFlix.com is an online streaming website that delivers content right when you want. It has a wide selection of movies and TV shows from genres such as action, comedy, romance, thriller, drama, and more.

The website requires no registration, you can start watching right away. It’s a positive point because a lot of online streaming website lure you with a free banner until they ask you to register or pay.

Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle is the second one on our list of 123movies alternatives. Although the website first requires you to register for an account, the process of streaming movies online only gets straightforward from then on.

Crackle also offers an app for Android and iOS, making it easier to watch entertainment on the go. It even has an app for PS4. Select from a range of movies and TV shows spanning multiple categories. But Crackle is geo-restricted so you may need to use VPN if it’s unavailable in your region.

Ice Films Info

Icefilmsinfo.net is updated regularly. During the time of writing this article, this 123movies alternatives website was updated with many new movies that were released just recently,

On top of delivering movies and TV series across a variety of genres, the website also has a section that lists all the top IMDB movies. Thus, making finding popular movies easier for visitors. Additionally, you can also sort movies for years. It’s incredibly helpful if you’re looking to watch some classics on sites like 123movies.


Vumoo.tv is another addition to the list. It’s very similar in layout and offers compared to some others in the list. Its content catalog is split into Movies and TV shows.

You’ll be able to stream movies without a hitch, and there’s no requirement for an account. Although there’s no app for smartphones, you can always visit via the web browser.


You’ll be greeted with a search bar upon your visit to YesMovies.to. Search for content using this search bar, or you can navigate to the Movies and TV sections to browse through an extensive list.

In addition to having top IMDB movies list, you’ll be able to sort movies by jumping to the country section. There is a members section but registration is not required to stream anything on this 123movies alternatives website.

watch free

1watchfree.me is another solid entry in the list of 123Movies alternatives. It’s updated regularly with fresh movies and TV episodes. The website features sections that include Top 100, Latest Movies, and also a Genres section for you to choose from.

These 123movies alternatives deliver movies and TV shows in HD.


GoMovies.la is similar in look and feel to the now extinct 123Movies website. But unlike it now, GoMovies is alive and updated regularly with new releases. The website also offers to stream in HD.

There are sections that show content by Most Viewed, Most Favorite, Top Rating, and Top IMDB. If your preference is more precise then movies are also categorized in genres like Action, Adventure, and Crime, just to name a few. There’s also a 123Movies website mirror link on the website.


Here are another great 123Movies.to alternatives website that works without any registration. Explore Niter.me and find the genres that you love and watch them instantly.

In addition to offering movies by genres for easy navigation, Niter.me offers movies in HD. Visit the website from any device from anywhere in the world, there are no geo-restrictions in place.


www1.Mydownloadtube.com is, as the name suggests, a place to download movies. This 123movies alternatives website offers online streaming as well as the ability to download full-length movies. But it requires you to sign up for a free account which may not be up to everyone else’s liking.


The moment you open HDO.to you realize that you’ve landed on a great 123movies alternatives link. The website features an attractive interface, all the latest movies are highlighted on the front-page. You can switch sorting by Featured, Most Viewed Today, Most Favorite, or Most Rating.

Movies are also split under by Genre and Country for your convenience. There’s also a TV section where you can catch up on all the best shows. A Top IMDB section lists all the best movies by their ratings.


ZMovies.cc delivers a range of movies split across multiple genres and its updated regularly. Although the list of movies only goes back as far as 2012, there’s enough variety for you to try out. The website doesn’t require you to sign-up in order to stream movies, which makes it an ideal 123Movies alternatives website.


123gostream.tv is another amazing 123movies alternatives website and a complete one at that. Upon visiting the website, you’re greeted with a clean-looking home page with a search bar. You can either use this search bar to look up movies and TV shows, or you can navigate to the Movies or TV Series section.

You can also lookup content by Genre, Year, or Country. The website is updated regularly and it does not require any registration.


The last one on our list of 123movies alternatives. The website is loaded with movies and is constantly updated with a new release. In fact, there’s both a New Releases and a Latest Added section where you can find recent content.

It should be noted that Movie25.me doesn’t host the movies itself. Instead, it embeds links of movies hosted on third-party websites like OpenLoad.

What is 123Movies?

123movies website is a very popular online streaming destination that entertainment buffs have come to love. 123movies website hosts an extensive range of movies and TV shows across a variety of genres.

Furthermore, 123movies website requires no registration. Simply pick a movie or TV show of your choice and watch it instantly. The online streaming website was also loved because it’s frequently updated with new releases.

Is 123Movies still accessible?

Unfortunately, 123movies website is no longer active. The website was notorious as a source for showing copyrighted material. It hosted hundreds of movies so you can imagine the severity and the number of violations the website had under its name.

The website was finally taken down by law authorities. There exist some sites like 123movies but they don’t offer the complete experience because they’re just mirror websites. If you want to stream movies online then take a look at our 123movies alternatives list above. All of them are still functional and updated frequently.

Is it safe/legal to visit 123movies website?

Absolutely not! Because 123Movies website, as well as other sites like 123movies, hosts content that is in direct violation of copyright laws, it’s a criminal offense use the website. The DMCA actively works with Internet Service Providers (ISP) to monitor users in breach of such violations. You will receive a warning from the DMCA if you continue to use sites like 123movies or alternatives to 123movies.

But with a VPN, you can protect your identity online and prevent ISP monitoring.

Is 123movies website accessible in the UK?

123movies website is not accessible in the United Kingdom. This is a result of UK court passing a verdict to shut down a dozen or more websites. The list included sites like 123movies due to rampant piracy violations. As a result, you cannot access it and sites like 123movies in the United Kingdom without VPN.

What is KissAnime? Best Working KissAnime Alternatives for 2019

KissAnime is a popular website for two reasons: a) it has the best English subbed and dubbed anime in HD and b) it is absolutely free! It is a site where most anime lovers spend most of their time! It is the king of anime websites where millions of user enjoy free streaming. In comparison to other anime websites, KissAnime has the largest collection which it uploads in a consistent manner in all video quality – 240p to 1080p.

It has a simple interface with multiple genres to choose from including Horror, Comedy, Romance, Fighting, Adventure and more. However, the website according to many users has gaps and possibilities to get better. Thus, for those searching for KissAnime alternatives, getting sick of the glitches and the site being taken down often, have landed in the right place to enjoy their favorite anime.

How to Download Anime from KissAnime?

To download an anime from KissAnime, you obviously first need to know which episode you are looking for.

Broken down below for you is how you can download an episode from the website:

  1. Search for the series through the search bar or categories
  2. Click on the title to be redirected to a page with a list of episodes that the anime has
  3. Click on the episode you wish to watch
  4. You will be shown a player for streaming, but that is not the goal right now
  5. Scroll down lower and stop where you see ‘Mobile/Download (save link as…)’ with the pixel dimensions
  6. Right click on the desired quality and select ‘save link as’ and choose a location to save file
  7. If you have a download manager, then you have to right click and select ‘copy link address’ and then paste it on the download manager’s new download
  8. There you have it! If you followed all steps as it is, you have downloaded a single episode smoothly!


Note: Don’t leave any footprints or online traces. Be connected to FastestVPN for maximum privacy and security. Without a VPN your speed may be throttled with by your ISP and you may also be tracked by copyright agents.


KissAnime Famous Categories

KissAnime has multiple genres and advanced search option where you need to place the title of the anime. The interface is user-friendly and website is updated with new series regularly.

Some of the famous KissAnime categories are:

  • Horrow
  • Romance
  • Comedy
  • Fighting
  • War based
  • Adventure
  • Thriller
  • Vampire
  • Sci-fi
  • Supernatural
  • Magic
  • Space
  • Cartoons
  • Cars
  • Fantasy
  • Parody
  • Psychological
  • Martial Arts

Note: To stream KissAnime on any device, be sure to be connected to FastestVPN to avoid speed throttling and keeping online activity anonymous.

KissAnime Alternatives – Top 10 Sites like KissAnime to Watch Anime for Free

Extracted are decent KissAnime alternatives to satisfy your anime entertainment cravings. With KissAnime being taken down a few times (currenting www.kissanime.ru is working), it is a good idea to check out similar sites that don’t just work, but are better too! Going over sites like KissAnime, below is a list:

1.   Anime Freak

URL: http://www.animefreak.tv/

Anime Freak is a popular site with the largest HD database offering. Just like KissAnime, it is also free! They have 10,000 anime so far and keep adding new ones each day. It is also anime lovers stop for new anime as it adds them directly after they are released! There is nothing that you will not find on Anime Freak. Find videos by latest releases, alphabetical order or by genre.

2.   Anime Season

URL: http://www.animeseason.com/

Another one from the top picks of anime lovers is Anime Season. Again, it is free and offers high definition videos for the viewers. It makes it a great KissAnime alternative as it comes with minimal advertising as compared to KissAnime itself. Anime Season has listed its anime by recently viewed, highest rated and genre. Anime Season is a great hub to watch cartoons and anime online with ease.

3.   Anime-Planet

URL: https://www.anime-planet.com/

On Anime Planet you will find all the new and old anime in HD. On the home page of the website, you will see anime sorted and categorized into sections based on ‘popular anime this week’, ‘newest recommendation’ and more. This instantly catches you up with popular new releases. The only flipside with this website, like all other free video sites, is that it shows ads and pop-ups This is not a deal breaker though and it is still the favorable spot for anime lovers.

4.   Crunchyroll

URL: http://www.crunchyroll.com/

Crunchyroll was launched in 2006 and has gathered a huge user base ever since. What’s so great about this website is that it is a website for all – anime lovers or not. This is because it is not just limited to anime but has many more shows as well in multiple languages, not just English and Japanese. The categories on this website are anime, drama, manga, music, entertainment and more. They have about 15000 hours’ worth of officially licensed content! Now, that’s being on a roll! Just a minor drawback is that not all shows are free, and the premium version needs to be bought as the free version is somewhat limited.


Note: Even though Crunchyroll has licensed content, not all KissAnime alternatives have it. Therefore, for anonymity and safety from prying eyes, be sure to be connected to FastestVPN.


5.   GoGoAnime

URL: https://www4.gogoanimes.tv/

When making a list of the best KissAnime alternatives, GoGoAnime is one that is not to be missed. The website offers all kinds of anime from oldest and rarest to newest and latest. Along with the usual, this website has a new season tab as well which shows you newly released anime so you don’t miss out. If you’re an anime lover, hit this site. Even if you don’t have anything particular in mind to watch, surely you will find something worth your while on GoGoAnime.

6.   9Anime

URL: https://9anime.to/

The excellent KissAnime alternative, which is both trusted and reliable, is 9Anime. It has over 26000 anime shows and movies which keeps getting added to constantly. It also lets you request to put up anime you like but is not on the website, much like KissAnime. Another outstanding feature is that it lets you stream in HD and gives you the option to enjoy English dubbed. This should be the first choice of anime fans who want to watch it in English.

7.   Animelab

URL: https://www.animelab.com/home

Animelab is the best site that shows tracks in HD directly from Japan. It has series added to it every week and thousands of shows episodes to watch from even otherwise. It has all the popular anime and their genres. Each category is further divided into subcategory providing many folds of options. It does not require registration which is what makes it more favorable for the anime freaks.

8.   Anilinkz

URL: http://anilinkz.to/

Anilinkz is considered as one of the best alternatives due to its continual updating. They have many episodes and can be found through their categories. Newly added series, ongoing and a complete list is available on the website. It is completely free and thus one of the most frequently visited websites for Anime.

9.   Masterani

URL: https://www.masterani.me/

One of the most substantial sites for anime streaming is Masterani. It is super easy to use, especially since it doesn’t require the user to sign up. You only need an updated flash player on your device and you are sorted. The home page features the latest uploads and the rest you can search for in the search tab. They also have a schedule section at the top of the menu for all the anime shows that will be uploaded.

10.               Horriblesubs

URL: https://horriblesubs.info/

Horriblesubs is comparatively new to the market but still worthy enough of being mentioned in this list. It allows streaming of HD anime but it is not limited to that. It also allows to download as well. The website contains many movies and such engaging content in their database.

Note: Accessing unlicensed content for free can get you in trouble and is not recommended. However, if you still stream via one of these websites then make sure to be connected to FastestVPN to be invisible online.

What the community says about KissAnime

Being one of the best, of course, people have a lot to say about this website. Some love it, others however, are slightly annoyed at the fact that it gets taken down often for various reasons and other gaps that it does have. Here is what some of the users have to say:

Stephen Bailey

“My saving grace when it comes to streaming anime with English dubbed episodes. I find the site’s search bar very useful as you can filter it through a category from genre, year, type and quality. Isn’t that amazing!? Plus points that i can also leave my ratings on the anime I am watching eh.”

Natalia Hillz

“Too many ads, can’t even watch anything without an ad taking me to another site”

Note: Be connected to FastestVPN so you can rid yourself of all the annoying ads and popups. With FastestVPN’s ad blocker feature, enjoy your favorite anime without interruptions!

George Carlson

“This website provided all the content in English for my favorite anime shows.”

Harry Long

“This site has a lot of great anime videos, and I’ve enjoyed using it! It does take a while to load the home page, and only works in certain browsers. Still, it’s a good choice if you want to stream dubbed anime.”

Final words for KissAnime

The KissAnime alternatives list that has been put together for anime lovers offers some of the best content that is available online. You do not have to be deprived of your favorite source of entertainment if KissAnime shuts down again as you now have access to one of the best websites as alternatives.  All of the websites show thousands of videos, movies and shows. They are all mostly free but some of the best are premium are need to be paid for as they then offer more features and are ad free (which is cherry on top!)

Some of the websites on the list are licensed and some are not. IT is totally your prerogative as to which one you choose. We just hope that you find this list of KissAnime alternatives useful and that it serves the purpose well! Happy Anime Watching!



How to Watch Oscars 2019 Live Online For FREE

The Oscars are just around the corner. Woohoo!! Los Angeles, ARE YOU READY? Aaah. I don’t know about everyone, but I am a hundred percent sure that there are crazy fans just like me around the world as well. And I definitely cannot contain my excitement. The only hiccup in my way was how to watch Oscars online for free given that I am a cord cutter like many others.

With literally less than two weeks until the drums roll and the curtain goes up, here is a little detail that I have gathered, and would like to share with fans like me, about the biggest night in Hollywood.

The Oscars as we all know are on the 24th of February 2019. As it has been the case for the past 18 years, the award ceremony will take place at the Dolby Theatre, LA. It is literally the heart of Hollywood.

The red carpet for the 91st Academy Awards will be aired prior to the ceremony and those who want a long detailed coverage, they can enjoy it on E! Moving forward, if we talk about how to watch the Oscars, then following are the two official verified channels:

  1. ABC – For US Audience
  2. Nine Network – For Australian Audience

Now the thing is that ABC is geo-restricted outside the United States. So for anyone outside, they won’t be able to access it. However, my issue is different as I said. Even though I am in the US only, I am not a regular cable user. I’m hardly home to even use it as much and so I believe that online streaming is the way to go about for me and it is definitely much handier too. Thus, my problem is not a restriction, it is the fact that I don’t have a cable connection and nor do I want to pay for it.

However, a simple solution that I came forth with is via FastestVPN. So to watch the Oscar awards 2019 live online all that I will need to do would be to connect to the Australian server location that will hide my physical location and change my virtual location to show existence in Australia. From there on it’s simple. I will just need to go to the Nine Network website or the 9Now app (which I already downloaded on my phone) and then I can easily watch the Oscars live without any hesitation.

Let me lay the whole process mentioned above in easy steps below:

  1. Get a FastestVPN account if you don’t have one already
  2. Download and install FastestVPN app on your device
  3. Connect to the Australian VPN server
  4. Download a 9Now app on your device or go to the Nine Network website
  5. Now live stream Oscars easily from anywhere in the world without the need of any cable subscription

With the nominees already announced in Jan, of course, I am super excited. The Oscars, like always, will not be short of mess, chaos and drama. And what’s that? We already have some drama rolling in starting with the fact that the Oscars have no host this year! Can you believe it? I couldn’t either but the Academy has already confirmed the news! Kevin Hart was supposed to host initially but then as he got immense backlash for his homophobic tweets that were posted eons ago, he dropped out. Hart appeared on Good Morning America to say definitively that he would not be hosting and that he is done talking about the controversy.

You can also watch Oscars on below devices:

It is the first time ever in 3 decades that the show will be host-less and it would be an understatement to say that this caused a stir of emotions ranging from uproar by some, and excitement in others. With so many excellent movies highlighted and so much excellent talent brought forward this Oscars 2019, I am super excited to watch Oscars live online for free from my part of the world!